1. Literally anything.
  2. I mean, this photo doesn't even make sense.
  3. Have I killed that buffalo? Do I intend to? Am I guarding it? What is going on here?
  4. In fact, I staged this photo for the sole purpose of screwing with people's minds back in my freshman year of college.
  5. Would you even believe me if I explained what is ACTUALLY happening?
  6. Like if I tell you that we just had a buffalo head lying around, and I was like, hey, dad, let's stage some sort of incomprehensible photo with that, and he was like, ok, I'll hold it so it looks like it's in the horse trailer?
  7. And my mom took the photo, gave me a copy, and I hung it up without comment on a bulletin board in a hallway near my room after Christmas break?
  8. Or have I destroyed my credibility as a reliable narrator at this point?
  9. Just...think about it.