1. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
    The sequel to Mr. Rogers's Neighborhood
  2. Kidz Bop
    Sanitized pop songs sung by talented children. Lean into it. There's a point where it goes from "I'm about to lose my mind" to "Kidz Bop does a better version of this, hang on, let me play it for you, O Childless One."
  3. Parent Listservs
    If you're a parent in an urban neighborhood, chances are there's a Yahoo! or Google group that you can join to meet other parents in the neighborhood and swap kid-related goods. Save money. Save sanity.
  4. Cute nursing bras
    A worthy investment
  5. Mo Willems
    A huge supply of hilarity, waiting for you at the local library
  6. Sesame Street
    So you know it exists, but did you know it's filled with celebrity guests, often celebrity guests who sing? You will soon.
  7. Picture book signings
    Feel terribly hip and literary while entertaining your child for an hour
  8. Breastfeeding support groups
    Because it's easier to do when you can sit around and compare notes with other moms for an hour a week
  9. Dentists for children
    Overwhelming decor though
  10. Babysitting cooperatives, cooperative playgroups, nanny shares, mommy shares
    A variety of ways to reduce the time and fiscal commitments of childrearing through communal approaches to care
  11. IKEA
    Like Sesame Street, you know it exists, but you're about to appreciate it so much more. Costco also falls into this category.
  12. Car seat expiration dates
    A real thing to pay attention to. But you can always take an expired car seat to Toys'R'Us during one of their turn-in events for a pretty good coupon to apply to the cost of a new seat.
  13. Elimination communication
    I leave you to Google this one
  14. Wipes made specifically for pacifiers and baby chew toys
    Because regular baby wipes contain some things not really meant to be eaten
  15. Meconium
    Google it
  16. Wipe warmers
    I can't class this as "necessary" but if your baby has a particularly cold-sensitive butt perhaps it is handy?
  17. Snot-sucking devices that require you to use your mouth
    AKA the only babycare item my spouse specifically disallowed in our home
  18. The nose Frida (snot sucker) is basically the best thing ever, it's one of my go to baby shower gifts 😂😂😂
    Suggested by @dainjm