The last thing I was asked to do before leaving active duty? Narrate our ship's return from deployment on the shipwide speaker system. (Some people had family onboard for the last few days of the trip. It's called a tiger cruise.) I was challenged to include two secret words in the play-by-play.
    We had spent a few days in Lisbon, Portugal, and they didn't think I could do it.
  2. How I did it: found a lighthouse along our route that was close in age to the funicular railways of Lisboa.
    I think there was some sort of joke here that I continue not to get.
  4. How I did it: this was too easy, people. Tons of Revolutionary War battle sites around Norfolk. Dropped in a quick mention of "our colonial overlords."
  5. Then I dropped the mic and walked away.
  6. (Actually, I bid everyone a pleasant day, set the handset back in its cradle, and manned the rails.)
  7. Still probably my fondest memory of those days.