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  1. "Ok this isn't funny dig me up"
  2. "The meaning of life is on the other side of this gravestone" (the other side will say the same thing)
  3. The lyrics to stairway to heaven (serious suggestion that'd be dope)
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  1. Any past teacher
  2. Topher grace
  3. James Franco
9 more...
  1. Elvis
  2. Whoopie G
  3. Frankie Munez (early 2000's)
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  1. Skydiving upwards by accident forever
  2. Walking into the wrong classroom and shitting yourself immediately from embarrassment and then turning to stone (your poop stays as normal poop)
  3. Naming your baby something worse than "North West"
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  1. Oh shiiiiiit Jesus is back its lit!!! #turnt4jesus
  2. DAAAAAAAAAMN JESUS! Back at it again with the fact that you're alive!
  3. Guess who's back...back again...Jesus's back...tell a friend! #JESUSISTHEREALSLIMSHADY
12 more...
  1. Donald trump
  2. Toby Flenderson
    I love you Toby but it would be so fun
  3. Dennis Feinstein
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