1. Oh shiiiiiit Jesus is back its lit!!! #turnt4jesus
  2. DAAAAAAAAAMN JESUS! Back at it again with the fact that you're alive!
  3. Guess who's back...back again...Jesus's back...tell a friend! #JESUSISTHEREALSLIMSHADY
  4. "Baeee come over" "i can't I'm at confession" "nah u good Jesus is back he'll forgive you" me: 🏃🙏🙏🙏
  5. Christmas bouta be hecka turnt this year fam #turnup4jesus
  6. Yo @Jesus can u meet me at my house? Need some water ➡️ wine. #bitchtookmyfake
  7. He walked on water.... Now he's bouta walk on BITCHES #SLEEPWITHJESUS
  8. I'm still an atheist idgaf
  9. Wait when did Jesus get so hot #GloUpJesus #TransformationErryday
  10. Now I can't say Jesus is with me whenever I go places cuz I know 4 a fact he's not
  11. Just wanted to personally thank Jesus for donating to Huskython!!! Pi Cappa gamma ❤️'s u!!!
  12. Not a great day 2 b a atheist lolz
  13. Jesus is back!!!1! He can get 1D back 2gether now!!!1!2!2! 😍😍😍
  14. Where will Spanish baseball players point now after they do the sign of the cross? Like he ain't up there lolz
  15. Hey I'm the guy with the beard that everyone thinks is Jesus. I'm not Jesus.