I have somewhere to be at 10 AM, but my boyfriend and I only have one car and we live 40 minutes away from where he works. On days like this, I drop him off at 8 AM and must kill time, without going home, and with $20.
  1. Drive to the nearest Lowe's
  2. Realize you forgot your money in the jacket that your boyfriend is now wearing, drive back to get it
  3. Realize that you ALSO left your purse, along with your drivers license at home, 40 minutes away
  4. Go back to Lowe's and buy two succulents that you don't need
  5. Drive to a close thrift store and look at their hours, realize they're not open uet
  6. Go through the drive thru at the next door Taco Bell and eat it in your car
  7. Write a list
  8. Take long enough so that this thrift store, and the one you want to go to next, will surely be open, but also long enough so that you're not the first person in the store
  9. Go back to your car, and read blogs on your phone until an appropriate time to show up at your destination