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  1. Everything would be more hilarious
    They just know how to do funny.
  2. People would be happier
    Because (see above)
  3. They encourage cultural exchanges
    Have YOU tried all the different types of Kit-Kats Japan has!?!?
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I turn 30 Jan 29th 2016, I feel like that will be the official age of a true grownup. So here's a list of things I want to be when I'm all grown up!
  1. Mahout
    One who is bonded with an elephant and takes care of it for life. In Thailand they are called Kwan-Chang, in Burma an Oozie. I think that would be a nice job:)
  2. Nanny for Hire
    Basically you can hire me for a week or a month or any specific amount of time you need to watch your children, travel with you and your family. I would look after the children, cook meals, do light cleaning and just help to lighten the stress of everyday life. But don't get to attached to me, it's just temporary!