1. Everything would be more hilarious
    They just know how to do funny.
  2. People would be happier
    Because (see above)
  3. They encourage cultural exchanges
    Have YOU tried all the different types of Kit-Kats Japan has!?!?
  4. They get me
    That's important
  5. They embrace the differences of others
  6. They all hate fake ice cream
    Who wants to live in a world where ice cream is made of soy anyway😐
  7. Their quizzes are always very accurate
    Johnny from Dirty Dancing as my 80's movie husband!?!? YES PLEASE!!!
  8. They help to make their followers more creative.
  9. They know they should be in charge!
    Buzzfeed Republic t-shirts, can I get one PLEASE!!
  10. Their Top Tens save my LIFE!!
    They just take me to the most popular. Whether it's hair styles or breaking news. I don't have to waste my time.