I'm sorry but I don't need to see the plight of the straight white male
  1. Throw up from drinking too much
    My literally least favorite thing
  2. Watch Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad
    Haven't seen an episode. Don't really need to.
    Which is the most painful experience tbh
  4. Feel the gum under my seat or desk
  5. Touch a hot surface
  6. Sip hot tea and burn your tongue
    (Not talking about that hot tea...)
  7. Find out that I forgot a pen in my laundry and have dumb stains on my clothes
    This happens like once a year and honestly the saga after is worthy of an oscar
  8. Eat Tilapia
  9. Sleep on the floor with just a blanket
  10. Get a paper cut that won't heal
  11. Listen to the pentatonix version of Jolene