Time will tell where Kanye ends up
  1. Phat Farm
    As incongruous as it sounds, the best pair of khakis I've ever had in my life originated in the mind of Russell Simmons. This was very important for a prep schooler like me. Bonus for a pair of velour sweatpants that kept their elastic for close to a decade.
  2. FUBU
    Arguably the most influential and one of the most successful during its heyday, it gets docked points for the Justin Timberlake fiasco. Should be obvious to those who know me that I never actually owned anything Fubu.
  3. Karl Kani
    My understanding that there was an actual designer running the ship here. Bonus points for that.
  4. Sean John
    Peak Velour
  5. Roc-A-Wear
    In truth, probably one of the worst in terms of actual design, but it's Jay-Z's company, so...there you have it.
  6. Avirex
    Popular leather jackets but suffered from a Derek Zoolander "one look" problem. Too limited. Also, too intimidating for a white kid to wear in NYC.
  7. Enyce
    Was it pronounced "NYC" or "n-eeech-a"? It was a debate for the few months the brand was relevant.
  8. Girbaud
    Ridiculous jeans
  9. Pelle Pelle
    Ridiculous all around. Not a fan.
  10. Honorable Mentions: Hilfiger, Nautical, and Polo Sport
    Not strictly hip-hop so unsure of how to categorize, but would be remiss not to include.