Thank you @stamos for the request. Important to shed light on how much I hate hoods
  1. The Golden Ticket
    Boom! The best sweatshirt I have ever seen or worn. Only negative is I actually bought it in NYC. Otherwise it's perfect. Cannot tell you how many compliments I've received
  2. Warrior of Radness
    Best label name I've heard in my long thirty years. Bright salmon is a tremendous color
  3. Bread Loaf
    Classic Vermont Country Store purchase. What can be said about Vermont that hasn't been said about heaven. It should be noted that this thing fits horribly
  4. Warm Wishes
    Did I mention I love Vermont? Because I do. Purchased at the Ben Franklin hardware store in Middlebury
  5. McEnroe
    Fits like a dream. Lotta praise from other bros
  6. West NYC
    Fictitious club, very real pride in my neighborhood
  7. The Hundreds
    This thing's got a pocket!