I had some time this morning...
  1. Race For The Cure '93
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    Swiped this one from my mom when I was in high school and it was already about seven years old
  2. I Never Had Friends Like That Later On...
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    Favorite movie
  3. Harvard Law Tee
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    Got this one from my wife. Considering my biggest fear in life is wrongful imprisonment, this is as 'fight the power' as I'm usually prepared to get
  4. Janet
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    Another one snagged from my mom (named Janet as well). She really did great work with clotes. Jealous of my sister who inherits most of it, for obvious reasons
  5. Dutchmen Baseball
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    When we were young and unafraid...high school glory
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    Whattup lox and bagels + fresh squeezed OJ for $5?!?!* *pricing no longer accurate
  7. Griffey
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    Got this one at And Still on La Brea when I first got to LA. Couldn't have been more thrilled to find it
  8. New Yorker Than You
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    So obnoxious it hurts
  9. Born on The 4th of July
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    Of course
  10. Tuck Shop
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    If it's a corny shirt from a local restaurant I'll buy it
  11. McEnroe
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    From No Mas