My version of answering @stamos request. Nashville --> Memphis--> Clarksdale, MS --> Birmingham --> Madison, GA --> Atlanta
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    Barista Parlor
    If you want proof of the Hipsters dominant march through America, clearing swaths of real estate and setting up camps, Nashville is a good place to start, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. This place fucking rocked. Great coffee, great egg sandwiches, great space. Only downside is they wouldn't sell is a mug (they have great mugs). This is my wife btw
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    Robert's Western World
    A classic (and touristy) Honky Tonk. This was our first night on the trip and there was a great rockabilly band, and cowboy boots lining the walls. You can rent the boots. And Miller High Life flowed freely. Note: the southeast is rich with High Life.
  3. 3.
    Dick Strong
    Lawyers in the South really go for it. This was a poster above the urinal at the Five Spot, a bar in East Nashville where we heard more awesome live music. Nashville, man, I'll tell ya. They are not lacking for places to see live music. Helluva town. Other highlights included Rolf and Daughters and Arnold's, two meals as strong as this guy's dick.
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    Mr. Handy's Juke Joint
    Great bar on Beale Street. Awesome band and this dude was really dancing up a storm. You can still smoke in bars in Memphis and he was ripping heaters non stop and drinking something from a huge styrofoam cup. No one else was really dancing but I had chemistry with him, got in a bit of a dance-off. He said I had moves. This alone was worth the trip.
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    Vergos Rendezvous
    I didn't say I was a great photographer, but I will say these are great Memphis dry rub ribs. Best I've ever had.
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    Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel, where MLK was shot
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    The Crossroads
    Downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi. The home of the Blues. Not a thriving economy, obviously, but a really interesting place to see. Two blues joints in town, Ground Zero and Red's.
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    16 year old guitar prodigy, Sophomore at Clarksdale High, 300 pounds of blues genius. This was at Red's, which is basically just a guys living room where he has tall boys of Coors and you sit in a circle around the band trying not to stick out like a sore thumb
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    The Seraphim Room
    Our room at the B&B in Birmingham, Alabama. We were surprised at how big and modern Birmingham was. We were surprised in a different way at how our room was decorated. Bedding was all pink silk.
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    Hundred Acre Farm
    In small town Madison, Georgia, near an old Confederate graveyard, we stayed at this beautiful farm. Chickens, cows, goats, and two Great Pyrenees farm dogs who followed us around on our walks. If you live on the east coast I highly recommend a trip down here.
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    Making friends
    Bonus shot for good luck