Note: not a subjective list. These are actually the ten best. But not in order:
  1. "The Chicken Roaster" - that's not gonna be good for anybody
  2. "The Hamptons" - like a frightened turtle!
  3. "The Chinese Woman" - Donna Changstein
  4. "The Marine Biologist" - the sea was angry that day my friends!
  5. "The Little Kicks" - like a full body dry heave set to music
  6. "The Boyfriend" - nice game, pretty boy!
  7. "The Van Buren Boys" - the very pants I was returning...
  8. "The Abstinence" - what is tungsten, or wolfram
  9. "The Opposite" - tuna on toast
  10. "The Shower Head" - the commando 450