Some of these talks are still behind the paywall. Watch for them to be released soon. I provided links to the the talks that have already been released.
  1. David Eagleman on creating new senses for the human body. Live now//
  2. Martine Rothblatt. Definitely the best love / business success / transgender / transhuman story you will ever hear from one person.
  3. Chris Burkard - Arctic surf photographer. "Pain is a shortcut to mindfulness."
  4. Roman Mars - Of 99% invisible podcast fame, discusses flag design.
  5. Dame Stephanie Shirley - before the tech industry was 80% male, one of the first public software companies was 100% female. Live now//
  6. Monica Lewinsky - On being patient zero of internet trolls.
  7. Esther Perel - On cheating in romantic relationships.
  8. Sophie Scott - On the science of laughter .
  9. Elora Hardy - Using bamboo for beautiful , renewable architecture.
  10. Rodrigo y Gabriela - An amazing guitar duo.