Camels can run at 25 miles per hour. So you can't just jump off one. Next time this happens to you follow these instructions from wikihow's guide:
  1. Stay calm
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    Camels are very intuitive creatures and they will be able to tell if you're feeling nervous and angry. If they sense your anxiety or anger, they'll get even more spooked.
  2. Maintain a firm grip on the reins without pulling too hard.
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    Because camels are cud-chewing animals, their reins are usually attached to a peg inserted into their noses, as opposed to being attached to a bit in the mouth. This means that, unlike with a horse, you can’t try to steer an out-of-control camel by pulling hard on the reins.
  3. Try to get the camel to run in a small circle. It will mellow the camel out.
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    If the reins are attached to a head halter, as is often the case with camels that are ridden on tourist expeditions, you can pull on the reins gently to get the camel to turn in a circle and, eventually, slow down. This will slow down the momentum of the camel.
  4. Hang on till the camel stops - this may take a while. Dismount after the camel finally stops.
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