What's the set up?
  1. So I bit him.
  2. Your turn in the barrel
  3. It turns into a suitcase
  4. Try the kitchen
  5. Pepper!
  6. I'm taking this thing off.
  7. It doesn't stop until it gets 50 gallons
  8. We're outside eating hot buttered corn.
  9. ...and it's deep, too.
  10. Just don't slap me too hard.
  11. I did it by hand
  12. He gave him another six months
  13. Don't do that.
  14. Wait two weeks and it'll fall off
  15. The Aristocrats
  16. It looked so good I ate it myself.
  17. Smokey the Elephant
  18. Got any grapes.
  19. Maybe I should have said DiMaggio.