Things I Rewatch on Netflix Even Though There Are New Things I Know I Want to Watch

My queue is so long, but I'm 24 and can't commit to new things and so I just rewatch these for the 1000th time. Don't judge me; you know you do it, too.
  1. John Mulaney- New in Town
    13-year olds are the meanest people in the entire world. I am terrified of them to this day.
  2. 30 Rock
    🎼 Workin' on my night cheese 🎼
  3. Friends
  4. How I Met Your Mother: Season 9, Ep. 16 "How Your Mother Met Me"
    Cristin Milioti, you deserved so much more than what you got.
  5. The Decoy Bride
    I'm going to half-watch it the whole time and then cry miserably as Kelly McDonald walks away from David Tennent in the rain while Kate Walsh is singing wistfully about a boy she can't have and it's just a lot of emotions for me, okay?
  6. Parks and Rec
    Treat Yo' Self 💰💎
  7. Arrested Development
    We like to forget season 4 ever happened.
  8. Legally Blonde
    Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands. They just don't.
  9. Love, Actually
    But only after I've taken my mascara off. For everyone's safety.