1. Wendy-The Shining
    My big eyes scare me. My child scares me. I don't want to go to this hotel where I have to do all the work. There's no pool, but hey! there an elevator full of blood!
  2. Laurie-Halloween
    My hair is on point, my outfits are on point. But why do I keep hearing this scary music whenever I see this weird mechanic following me around? Please stop killing my friends.
  3. Sidney-Scream
    I don't even like answering phones. "Scream" runs. I'm a very slow runner. I ran the mile in high school 15 minutes baby.
  4. Carrie
    Please don't laugh and make fun of me when I get my period. But please do throw tampons at me because hey, free tampons!!
  5. Cole-Sixth Sense
    I mean I guess it's cool that Bruce Willis is following me around? But sometimes I just want to be alone and not see people, especially dead people.
  6. Nancy- Nightmare On Elm Street
    I NEED SLEEP PLEASE I JUST WANT TO TAKE A NAP WITHOUT BEING KILLED. This would be the worst character to be to be honest.
  7. Shark-Jaws
    Listen, men. Just let me swim and do my thing. **Just remembered his name was Bruce."
  8. Clarice Starling "The Silence of the Lambs"
    Yes I am a boss bitch but like honestly seeing that slaughterhouse as a kid really fucked me up. Also I'm getting somewhat sexy vibes from this serial killer I keep interviewing and I'm not entirely not into it. I might be into it? I wish I wasn't so into it. He is scary and mean to me but I kind of like it? Why am I vaguely into this?? Also like can a bitch get a flashlight when she's hunting a killer, jeez
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman