But I had to hold back my emotions. Then later cried at home.
  1. Hanson
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    I saw them in 07 or 08 and all my childhood memories came back and it was so overwhelming. They still rock and I still want to marry zac. When I wanted to cry: when they walked out on stage
  2. Weezer
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    I saw Weezer last year at The Trocadero and it was the best concert I've been to in my life. I never thought that I would ever see them! When you've been listening to a band since you were young and see them live, it's incredible. When I wanted to cry: during every song they played
  3. Matt and Kim
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    Boy. Do they know how to put on a show!!! I've been listening to them since 9th grade. I taught myself how to play Daylight on piano. When I wanted to cry: when they started playing Ten Dollars I Found (I was on some guy's shoulders and it was magical)
  4. Good Old War
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    After listening to them for 7 years as well, I finally got to see my favorite band. I pledged to their new album and got to introduce them on stage. I stayed backstage to watch because it was super hot and my sisters didn't want to move to the top. When I wanted to cry: during the build up in Not Quite Happiness because that's when it hit me that I was seeing Good Old War and after I sang on stage with them
  5. One Direction
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    It's One Direction. When I first saw them(before Zayn left booo) it didn't hit me that I was seeing them even while singing along and dancing like TSwift. That little guitar solo part in You and I made me realize OMG IM SEEING ONE DIRECTION. When I wanted to cry:Niall's solo in Story Of My Life