I didn't go out this year hence why I'm making lists tonight. And also it's never too late to start thinking ahead!
  1. Doug-The State
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    Because his famous "I'm outta heeeeeere" line is perfect for leaving a lame party.
  2. Orange Iguanas-Legends of The Hidden Temple
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    You might be thinking "why the orange iguanas? They always lose!!" Well guess what? I've always picked them to be my team while my sisters chose the Blue Baracuda and the Green Monkeys. Yes the Iguanas would mostly lose, but there were those time when they would win. I would feel like a proud mama.
  3. A Figure It Out Panelists
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    Slime included baby!!! You can also go around the party you're at and guess people's hidden talents! Like "I hold the record for making 400 meatballs in one minute"
  4. Mia Thermopolis- The Princess Diaries
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    Specifically this costume with the hat because then people would be telling me I'm not allowed to wear a hat(because in 2016 we will live in that kind of works) and I will let down my luscious locks and Mandy Moore will be jealous.