1. "I Did Something Continuously For A Week And This Is What Happened..."
    The end results are usually uneventful. Oh you only drank water for a week and your skin is healthy but had a few breakouts? Okay.
  2. "A New Theory About Your Favorite Movie That Will Make it Not Your Favorite Movie Anymore And Ruin Your Life!"
    Everyday there is a new theory about Harry Potter, Toy Story, or some Disney movie that someone started on Reddit. Just let us not think into the movie. I don't need to know that Toy Story was based off a crime from the 60s.
  3. "Everything That You're Doing, You've Been Doing Wrong!"
    I read somewhere that supposedly we have been pouring our orange juice wrong. I tried doing it their way, and I spilled it everywhere.
  4. "What Your Body Part Says About You Because Your Body Parts Can Talk And Have Opinions About You"
    If you cross your legs with your left leg on top: you're very outgoing, a flirt, you're mean. If you cross your legs with your right leg on top: you're shy, playful, know what you want in life, a murderer.
  5. Relatable lists
    You can totally relate to this collage list. You can totally relate to this being in your mid 20s list. LISTS LISTS LISTS! Oh wait, this app..but this is cool and I'm not excluding anyone!
  6. Someone just did something, and what happens next? I couldn't believe my eyes.
    Suggested by @supabg