Just in case my future fiancé is looking through lists...
  1. Play Marry You by Bruno Mars
    Right when I hear those chimes I will say no
  2. Flash Mob
    Who are these people?!???! Stop making my dad dance!
  3. Putting yourself in a movie trailer and making me watch it
    I know it's not a real trailer, it's very poor quality. You're giving me more time to think about my answer which is..everybody say it with me!! "NOOO!" I know you made this on iMovie and paid the theater $50 to play it.
  4. Filming me on my scavenger hunt
    You will see me get frustrated and annoyed and maybe I'll say some mean things about you because of this. You will regret your decision.
  5. Any type of sporting event, ever
    Suggested by @caitlinjayne
  6. Straight away
    Not romantic, just weird as hell.
    Suggested by @kaitmaree
  7. Anywhere public
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  8. Jumbotron
    Suggested by @kate81
  9. Hide the ring in my food or beverage
    I will 100% consume that ring
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  10. With your parents hiding in the bushes filming it
    For some reason I've seen a lot of people do this 😁
    Suggested by @alyssafields
  11. Play a prank
    Propose with a fake ring, "accidentally" drop it off the side of a boat or something, get me to freak out about it, then it turns out that wasn't the real ring? And oh, you're putting it on YouTube? Actually go ahead and get out of my life
    Suggested by @zabsters