Welcome to my squad...
  1. Mindy Lahiri
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    Mindy Lahiri is my main. When I watch The Mindy Project , I feel like she is reading my mind. Her opinion on guys and life are so similar to mine. Plus, she has dated pretty much all my celebrity crushes. She would make a great best friend because she would tell me the truth from outfits and everything in between. Plus she would be my OB/GYN!
  2. Liz Lemon
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    Liz Lemon and I are basically the same person. Very lazy, but hard working. We've been friends since our awkward years of middle school and still think we are in our awkward years today! We just chill and work on our night cheese while grubbing on some Cheesy Blasters! We also are not good at dating.
  3. Denise Huxtable
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    Denise Huxtable is so cool (see picture) and chill. She would be like my one friend that goes shopping with me and tells me to try on something that I totally wouldn't wear but then I try t on and it actually looks awesome. She gets into little trouble like me. Like getting in a car accident with Stevie Wonder! He is now in my squad!
  4. Corey Matthews & Shawn Hunter
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    They hold the squad together. Sure they are already best friends, but I can be that friend that either of them hang out with when the other is doing something! I'm sure with Corey we would talk about how we miss Shawn. And I'm sure with Shawn that we would talk about how we miss Corey and cause ruckus in the trailer park. It works.
  5. Tom Haverford
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    He's full of hopes and dreams and TREATING YO SELF! He's got that swag that is needed in this squad, yo. Smooth with the ladies, smooth with his swag.
  6. Paul Rudd
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    I mean, I gotta marry someone in my squad 😘
  7. One Direction
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    ZAYN IS NOT ALLOWED IN. Each of them bring something to the table. Liam's innocent but hot looks, Louis's sass, Harry having that cool guy vibe, and Niall being my favorite Irishmen. They would sing our squad to sleep.
  8. Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers
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    Think about all the SNL behind the scene stories they would have!!! Fallon and Meyers also seem like the perfect drinking buddies.