Picking your favorite emoji is like picking your favorite child, you can say neither of them!
  1. 😮
    I feel like I can relate to this "shocked" emoji with no eyebrows. Sometimes when I get my eyebrows done, it feels like they are taking off my whole eyebrow. Which makes me do this face.
  2. 🏪
    I'm assuming this is a building where fans of the hit show(I think it's a hit, I've never seen it) "24" get together and watch Kiefer Sutherland.
  3. 🎸
    I really like using this emoji because you can use it for any occasion. Going to go watch a concert? 🎸 Oh you play guitar? Cool! 🎸 I'm sorry for you're loss. You know what doesn't die? ROCKNROLL BROTHA 🎸
  4. 😈
    This emoji is very interesting to me because I'm assuming it means the devil. But the devil is usually red, right? Well not this one, this one of purple and makes me feel better. This could very well be the devil's cousin.
  5. 😎
    Because this is me
  6. 🍘
    I wouldn't say this one is my favorite emoji. This emoji rather frustrates me because I still do not know what it is. It's in the food category, but I always want a face to be in there so it can be an afro.