I'm always free and I am good company!
  1. A TV series finale party
    There's nothing better than knowing someone who is just as obsessed with that TV show as you are. Let alone more people!! But I would rather ugly cry by myself.
  2. Saturday Night Live
    I've been to one before, but I was younger. I dressed up as Mary Catherine Gallagher and I won the best costume. I want to go to another now since I can drink and eventually turn into Drunk Uncle.
  3. Murder Mystery Party
    I know that this would be so much fun because of that one episode of Lizzie Mcguire. You know which one. SM
  4. New Years Eve Party
    I want to go to one with people my age. I want to be on a roof top in a city and a very cute guy would kiss me at midnight and then we would talk about dogs and quote John Mulaney through out the night. But I know that is too much to ask for, so I'll just settle for a simple invite to your party.
  5. An Emmys Party
    This is where we would all dress up very nice as if we were going in the red carpet. Or at least the after AFTER party. We would whip out our predictions and make it a drinking game. The Emmys is the best award show.
  6. Movie/TV Character Party
    You MUST be dressed up as any character you want from a movie and it MUST act like them through out the night. Or at least most of the night. Seriously how fun would that be?! Ugh I can't wait to host my own parties.