1. From Facebook
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    I always laugh at these kind of posts. Especially this one. Jesus sounds very...not trusting?
  2. The Franklin Institute
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    I believe we were in the brain. I'm not sure what this was, I don't think it had an explanation. If anyone has ever been there, can you explain this to me?
  3. My sister in a baby mask
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  4. Oddball Comedy Fest
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    We were trying to take a good picture, but then obviously have up as I eat a pretzel
  5. One Direction concert
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    These signs are a big NO NO! The whole Larry thing is so annoying and so like whatever year that was a thing and also not real. I'm sure parents were very confused why their children were writing "daddy" on signs.
  6. I can't explain this one
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  7. Midas and Wes from HTGAWM
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    They both do this curious face and I love it so much. Actually I won't delete this one!