1. Dilemma- Nelly ft Kelly Rowland
  2. My Boo- Usher
  3. I Got You Babe - Sonny and Cher
    If he has longer hair than me (which I would never let that happen) I'll let him be Cher. Because that is love.
  4. Don't Go Breakin My Heart - Elton John
    I would be singing Elton's part and stare into my boyfriend's eyes very seriously while singing DONT GO BREAKIN HEART. Hopefully he would get the hint that he can not escape me.
  5. Somethin Stupid - Nancy and Frank Sinatra
    We will sing this when we fight because our relationship will be something stupid.
  6. Picture - Kid Rock ft. Sheryl Crow
    Because we both want to know where Kid Rock is...it's 2015!!
  7. I'm Real (remix) - Jlo ft Ja Rule
    Oh how the tables have turned...I sing Ja Rule's parts. BITCH I AINT DOIN THIS SHIT FOR NOTHIN