Requested by @k8mcgarry . This actually happened.(I'm not sure how to list this but here ya go!
  1. Drove my friend from work.
    My friend is Amish so I drove her home. (Oh! I live in Lancaster that explains that). It was getting dark and she saw a horse and buggy going really fast and two kids by themselves on it. Maybe about 15 Amish men were chasing after it!
  2. She asks me "can we go follow it?!"
    I'm not sure why I said this but I said "okay!" So we turn around and try to speed up to it.
  3. An Amish guy waves us down.
    He asks if he can get in my car to go find/chase the buggy! By this time I'm speeding up to 40 mph on a short road.
  4. ANOTHER Amish guy runs in the middle of the street and waves down!
    I slam on my breaks and I say "get it!" (I felt cool saying that) and he says "go go go! It turned left up there!" My friend said that he just ran through a field near by because that's where he lives. So he was running full speed!
    I now have three Amish people in my car. The one tells me to go faster and to pass the other buggies( might I add that this was a back road with so many curves, so I was driving on the other side of the road, a car could've been driving straight at me, but luckily there wasn't! So I trusted him saying that I could pass) that are also chasing it. We go past where the horse lives because when hey run away they usually go back home. No horsy!!
  6. He is hanging out my door
    We're catching up to he buggy and the one Amish guy opens my door and is hanging out of it to maybe get the horses attention? Idk!! But I'm going almost 60 in a 25-30mph winding road! 😣 (I still feel cool) (also I am very calm in this situation)
  7. Blocking it in
    So now we are in back of the horse and buggy trying to make it at least slow down. Then another truck full of Amish guys speed up in front of it and get out and stop the horse. Honestly I thought they were going to get attacked because that horse was on a roll! The Amish guy in my car gets out and rides the horse back.
    Remember how I mentioned there were two kids in the buggy by themselves? Well when we caught up to the buggy THE KIDS WERE NOT IN THERE ANYMORE!!!!!!
  9. So now we are driving back to where we saw cops and ambulances
    My friend got out and I forgot that the other Amish guy was in the backseat and the back door was locked. He asked "can I get out?" (That's not important but I just wanted to let you know I locked an Amish guy in my car by accident)
  10. Everyone is okay!!
    The kids were 4 and 6. One of them I think broke something and the other one got sent to the hospital to get checked on just in case.
  11. Update!/what happened
    My friend told me it was in the newspaper and how THEY DIDNT EVEN MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT US HELPIN GETTING THE HORSE AND GETTING BACK! Turns out when the family parked the buggy,the dad was either unhooking or hooking the rope or whatever from the horse to the pole(?), within that few seconds, the horse fled with the kids in it!
  12. My favorite thing that was said
    So I drop my friend off from that, and she gets out and says "haha uh....sorry about that!" HAHA!! Like, "OOPS! Sorry I made you chase a loose horse and buggy with children in it! Okay bye!"
    But with Amish people. Still. THE END!
    I bought my car from my Amish friend's sister (she's ex Amish)(my friend isn't allowed to drive with her sister,it's a rule)So my friend told me there was a rumor going around in the Amish community that she was driving with her sister because people still think her sister drives that car!!! And that's a big no no. Like she can get into big trouble. But it's all good now because the Amish guys that's were in the car obviously knew it was her sister. I CAUSE TROUBLE IN LANCASTER SO WHAT?