From clothes to make up to dance moves, I can't do it all!
  1. Crop Tops
    When I try these on (because sometimes I think it will look okay, but it never does) it seriously looks like I bought a little boy shirt.
  2. All Black Everything
    Boy, I wish I could wear all black and feel like Sandy impressing Danny. But when you have a dog or any pet, it's impossibly not to get fur all over you.
  3. Make Up
    They say your face is like a canvas when is comes to makeup. Well guess what! I SUCK AT ART. So therefore I suck at makeup.
  4. Dancing
    No need to add a description
  5. Flirting With Guys
    A guy once told me,"you're not that good at flirting, you should just stick to comedy." I kind of got mad because I already knew I was bad at it, but when someone points it out no no no. Not cool. I'm very oblivion when guys flirt with me I just don't know when they are? Help me
  6. Ordering Drinks At A Bar With Confidence
    I'm not cool with drink names. So one of my fears is going up to the bartender and they say "yeah we don't have that" in a rude tone. I will then laugh and ask for a beer I don't like because it's the only thing to save me from this situation and cry later that night in bed.
  7. Having My Pinterest Boards Organized
    My Pinterest boards represent my life;messy yet organized to my liking. I have a "Food/Drink" board and I know that I've pinned wedding dresses in there at some points.
  8. A Nice Tan
    I went down the shore this summer after two years. I put on sunscreen because this baby burns. After I'm done with the beach I find out that I have a patch of sunburn on my one shoulder and on the side of my leg, as if someone slapped me for being outside.
  9. Knit hats
    They are supposed to lay effortlessly on your hat with maybe a pin or two, but I can't get them to look cool and slouchy. I mainly end up looking like I'm wearing a hair net. NAHT. CUTE.
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry