But will not admit to
  1. Reading dogs profiles
    When your on an adoption site and they make it seem like the dog is typing all of this stuff. "My other dad left me in a box on the side of the road... Please be my new family!" 😭😭
  2. The band's last song they play together in Titanic
    When the violinist starts playing and the rest join in ahhhh http://youtu.be/_SoU4qzZlcw
  3. The ending of Jersey Boys
    Listen. I didn't know this movie was going to have this affect on me. But when Rag Doll is playing in the background and they're all talking about the band and then it goes right into Who Loves You...woo! Tears I say!! http://youtu.be/yOzwceek8BQ
  4. When Cameron Frye takes the blame
    For some reason, I do not know why, but this scene always makes me tear up. I love it! http://youtu.be/MB7XtQeaBwo
  5. Any series final episode
    Especially when they leave the house and turn the light out. DON'T LEAVE ME 😫😫😫😭
  6. When little kids order their food
    I don't cry, but I want to. Because it's so cute. It's like "it's okay 5 year old boy/girl be picky as you want!!"
  7. Any movie with Bill Murray and a kid
    He's always good with kids ex. Meatballs, St. Vincent, Rushmore.