Inspired by @dustinboone
  1. Curious Wes
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    Whether it's behind a door or in the classroom, Wes gives his signature curious look. He's been curious since 2001.
  2. Where's Philly?
    If the show takes place in Philly, they should include it more instead of showing City Hall. Frank said hoagies one time and I think that's as much of Philly that we will get.
  3. Why does Annalise only call on her K5 students?
    There is a room full of law students paying $$$$$$ and only 5 students get called on. I mean I wouldn't mind it.
  4. What's up Asher?
    It only took 6 episodes to find out what was going on with Asher's life.
  5. How old is everyone?
    How old is Bon Bon? How old is Frank? Why are they hooking up with the students?
  6. Are Annalise and Wes going to kiss?
    She gets very close to him at times and I'm very confused with their relationship.
  7. If she went to the cops right away, her and everyone wouldn't be in this situation
    I don't want to ruin it for anybody, so I don't want to go into detail