TV theme songs are my favorite songs. They are a crowd favorite. Please suggest any other shows, I want to know your favorites!
  1. Cheers
    Because sometimes you DO wanna go where everybody knows your name. I just want to sing this in a bar with people as we all clink our glasses together as if we are some old drunk Irishmen.
  2. Family Ties
    Shalalala. I want this to be my first dance at my wedding while we have pictures showing on a projector from when we were kids until now.
  3. All In The Family
  4. The Cosby Show(All Seasons)
    I love all the intros to the show. Honestly, I get my dance moves from the intros. THANKS VANESSA!
  5. Growing Pains
    That guitar though 🎸🎸🎸🎸
  6. Laverne & Shirley
    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.....just makes ya wanna cause some ruckus with your best pal
  7. Roseanne
    The Roseanne theme song would be a great song to strip to until you hear her loud laugh at the end.
  8. Step By Step
    Every time I'm going up on a roller coaster, I start singing this. WE'LL MAKE IT BETTER SECOND TIME AROUUUUND! Oh! And then when the lady sings DAAAY BY DAY!! Wooooo