Sadly I don't have screen shots of them.(I don't feel like setting up the VCR)
  1. Lizzie Mcguire
    I have two older sisters, I'm the baby. So of course I got stuck being Gordo. We reenacted the episode where Lizzie wants to be a cheerleader.
  2. Say My Name-Destiny's Child
    We tried dancing around a chair like they do in the video. I was in the group until I kept messing up the choreography. I got kicked out. I felt like a real Destiny Child... I ended up being the camera man.
  3. Harry Potter
    We had different takes. Each of us would be Professor Snape. Walking into the classroom and recognizing Harry Potter. "Mr." We had a black blanket around us. Again I was the camera man.
  4. The Great Pretender
    Do you remember that show? It was like Lip Sync Battles but from the 90s early 2000s. I performed Candy by Mandy Moore. I had killer moves, like cartwheels. And moving my arms like worms. I won. My sister was the judge.
  5. I can't wait-Hilary Duff
    My sister took a video of me singing this song while eating a Blow Pop. I was 9 and rocking it.
  6. Judge Judy
    We had two takes. She would be the judge and I would be the plaintiff vice versa. I would come in talking about how someone stole my American Express and she would ask "did he have a dirty car" I would say "no..." Then she nods her head yes . Me-"I mean yes..."
  7. Kristin Is A Loser
    This was like a music video. My older sister would be behind the camera singing about this girl name Kristin (my sister's real name) who is a loser and how she keeps losing everything. I win at everything.