Inspired by My Chemical Romance's "Teenagers"
  1. Cell phones
    They all have cell phones. They all have snap chat. Which means if you're doing something out in public they will snap and draw things on you!!
  2. They look older than me
    I think teenagers today look older than me because they are watching more beauty gurus on YouTube and actually try. When I was in middle school YouTube wasn't as big. I mean yeah we had LonelyGirl15...
  3. They can rap anything Nicki Minaj
    That's it.
  4. When they all sit on the boardwalk walls
    I can just feel them judging me. "Wow, that twelve year old is not wearing a crop top?! Basic." Excuse me I'm 22 and I will call the boardwalk patrol!!
  5. Their slang
    Salty? G.O.A.T? RT? And they say it with confidence! Something I don't have
  6. I saw one go into Hot Topic
    That's scary enough. Not the store, but the fact people still go in there.
  7. They never had a Myspace
    Sure they're cool now, with their 150 likes on their Instagram picture. But they didn't have the fun time choosing a layout, knowing codes, and choosing music for your profile. That was work.
  8. They don't know what I'm talking about
    I was talking about MySpace to this girl at work who is 15. She said "yeah..I was too young for that..." Or when I played TLC she asked "who is this" I CAN NOT RELATE.