Requested by @k8mcgarry
  1. My monologue involves a list
  2. Do you like movies?
    GREAT! My monologue includes that!
  3. Do you like a man in a onesie?
    ALSO GREAT! My monologue includes that!
  4. A guy from my sketch class is performing it
    Nealis does my monologue justice!
  5. I wrote it in 10 minutes
    I wrote one before it, but my friend said it went too fast. So then I wrote this one up for class in record time.
  6. It's my first time putting a legit thing up in front of an audience!
    I'm nervous. Even though I'm not performing it. Then again I GET NERVOUS ABOUT EVERYTHING. 😎
  7. @k8mcgarry is going?
    I think!? You better! Support me, Simon Cowell as if I'm 1D!
    Maybe. No it will. Or will it? No, it's going to be great.
  9. I WROTE IT ☺️