Disclaimer: I actually love all the Friends most of the time.
  1. Chandler
    He's the most relatable, at least to me. Keeps it real. Makes fun of people when they're being stupid. Jokes aren't always a hit with the friends but I think they're PERFECT.
  2. Rachel
    She's just cool as shit. She's your favorite friend. Loses points for dating Ross but other than that Rachel does no wrong.
  3. Tie: Joey and Monica
    Joey and Monica are even. Both have their flaws (slutty idiot and neurotic freak, respectively), but these characteristics usually provide the most LOLs so it's fine.
  4. Pheobe
    Don't get me wrong I love Pheobe. But in reality who would really have her in the friend group? She's absurd and shady as fuck. Good heart, but I'm always laughing AT her. Sorry Pheebs.
  5. Ross
    This guy just really grinds my gears. He's never fun. He's selfish AF. And his relationship/failed marriage with Emily (SHE SUCKS SO MUCH) was the worst thing to happen on the show. Ross you dumb bye.