1. scrolling through instagram
    seriously, the pictures people post are way more interesting that flipping through flashcards
  2. thinking about studying
    i should really study.. but whatever
  3. thinking about how i have no time for studying
    i have no time bc my time is used on netflix and social media
  4. realizing how much i hate bio and my bio teacher
    she seriously doesnt explain anything and the tests are hard. its like she WANTS us to fail. maybe thats cuz i dont study tho..
  5. making this list
  6. staring at a wall
    when studying, staring at a wall suddenly becomes the most interesting thing ever
  7. dreading school tomorrow
    but good thing its friday
  8. worrying about ice theatre practice on monday
    haa.. we find out who got the main parts in our program
  9. crap
  10. fml
  11. i hate school
  12. is it summer yet
  13. im so done
  14. fml
  15. fml
  16. me realizing that im gonna fail the test tmrw
  17. haha laughing at that pic of my brother
  18. fml bye