1. Is this pimple ready to be popped?
    Ow. Nope
  2. Should I take the 405 or Sepulveda?
    Seppy for the win. I think I chose wisely because it only took 20 minutes to travel 3 miles yay LA !
  3. Green tea or chai?
    Keurig conundrum 2k15
  4. 20 minutes later... Should I walk all the way back across the office to make another chai?
  5. Preparing files at work- Calibri or Arial?
    Well Ariel's my middle name so I guess I'm partial to that...
  6. Risk eating dad's cooking?
    Yes, too lazy to do anything else. And he went to the French Culinary Institute, though all of those skills are MIA. Wish you were here @Bourdain
  7. Should I go to the gym or watch Veep?
    Solution- Watch Veep while at the gym 🐦🐦🔫🗿
  8. Now is the pimple ready to be popped?
    Still no. Still big pimpin'
  9. Go to bed or keep watching Veep?
    I'm still up...