1. Christopher Plummer- Long live Captain Von Trapp and his whistle
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  2. Meryl Streep- Pre Ricki and the Flash mistake... Cheeks on fleek
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  3. Clint Eastwood- Lol I'm just thinking of Gran Torino
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  4. Betty White- Just probably the best human being ever
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  5. Harrison Ford- Thanks for being the inspo for my fave ride at Disneyland. And for Han Solo
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  6. The Babs- Paving the way for NJG's
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  7. Michael Caine- You tried to save Batman and you have a ballin cockney accent. Real recognize real
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  8. Maggie Smith- Oh my McGonagall
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  9. Morgan Freeman- He hasn't aged... Because he is G-d
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  10. Jack Nicholson- Still creepy
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  11. The Donald- Pre slandering of women and attempted presidential run
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  12. Hillary Clinton- More hipster than Barack?
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