Yeah, that's right. Leo.
  1. You were amazing on Growing Pains.
  2. Are you married to those cargo shorts or can I suggest something else?
  3. Part A) Do you condition? If yes on Part A, then Part B) What brand?
  4. Be honest, how many shelves have you built for possible Oscars?
  5. What's Alan Thicke like? My dad sat next to him on a plane once. Did you know that?
  6. Will you draw me like one of your French girls?
  7. Fuck, Marry, Kill: me, my mom, Raven Symone
  8. Do you ever think "Woah my name is Leonardo. That's such a weird name. Leonardo"?
  9. Are you a dog trapped inside a human's body? Bark once for yes.
  10. Zenon or Zenon the Zequel?