This list is less of a brag and more of a good laugh because of the randomness behind it
  1. NeYo
  2. Chris Pratt
    Filming parks episode downtown
  3. Steve Brady from Sex and the City
  4. Terrance Howard
    Saw him walk out of his trailer for Empire on the same block as my apartment
  5. Michael Moore
    Gave a talk about filmmaking at my school
  6. Aziz Ansari
    Aziz said hi to me guys
  7. Guliana and Bill Rancic
    They own the restaurant I work at so
  8. Jillian Michaels
    Biggest loser sporto
  9. Rachel Dratch
    I don't think this counts cause it was just a Skype Session. But it was very intimate ok???
  10. Caitlyn Jenner
  11. Kristen Wiig