Anyone have the same appetite as me? No? Cool.
  1. Moms lasagna
  2. Loumalnati's deep dish butter crust
  3. Bread
    Yes just bread. Of any sorts.
  4. Kraft Mac and cheese
  5. Tomato soup from Nordstrom cafe
  6. Mint chocolate chip ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins
    Those ice chunks within the chocolate chips.... Yas. Yas.
  7. Raspberries
  8. Oreo thins
    These are new. They are revolutionary. The ratio of chocolate to cream is perfection.
  9. Doritos
    Classic nacho cheese of course.
  10. McDonalds large Coke
  11. Chipotle chicken burrito
    Extra sour cream. Duh.
  12. Cold caesar salad
  13. Cold vanilla yogurt
  14. Cold apple sauce
  15. Hot cheetos
  16. Cherry limeade