This stream was set off by Justin Timberlake's performance at the CMAs last night.
  1. JT is here to save us all
  2. Why did Justin Timberlake quit music for YEARS? How did I survive without him?
    And then I direct myself to his MTV Video Vanguard performance
  3. Lady Gaga is so norm-core now!
  4. If I was in the audience during an awards show and the camera panned to me, would I be awkwardly dancing or casually nodding?
  5. Who am I kidding I would be the Taylor Swift of every awards show
  6. Jessica Biel you lucky dog
  7. What is Jessica Biel doing?
  8. Jessica and JT live in MONTANA?!
  9. Montana is cool
  10. Who do I know in Montana?
  11. **directs eyes to YouTube suggestions**
  12. Woah I totally forgot about Rehab with Rihanna!
    Justin in a black wife beater oyyyy
  13. Bye
  14. And thus begins another stream of consciousness