Inspired by @badatsocialmedia
  1. The Ham4Ham of the three King George's lipsyncing The Schyuler Sisters
    How can something so joyful make me cry? #Groffsauce, that's how.
  2. Hot bro in a suit buying a frozen meal at the grocery store and then picking up a Red Box movie on the way out
    Yes I followed him out of the grocery store and bless you, you wandering soul
  3. Acoustic version of "What Do You Mean"
    Damn you Bieber
  4. The movie "Me, Earl, and the Dying Earl"
    Apologies to the man next to me on the plane who gave me a concerned nod 45 min into the movie
  5. When a hot doctor held the elevator for me in my apartment building
    He held it for a FULL MINUTE
  6. When my favorite Starbucks barista told me it was her last day at work
    Please don't forget about me!!
  7. Adele
    Every damn time