1. walks to the pool
    on the way there, i want to be there SO BAD. on the way back, i want to be back SO BAD. but once i've reached my destination after sludging through a mile long hike with a blazing 97 degree sun and 58 children, i realize it's a cool walk and kids are funny and good company.
  2. the pool (deep eddy, in all her majesty)
    although i no longer get to go in the actual pool (bc A. i'm on clipboard/rest zone duty, where I watch our stuff and kids who don't want to swim anymore, and B. i have to be there for parents who come to talk their kids early), the pool is fun! i get a tan, i get to take a dip at snack time, and i feel accomplished when I fill up 58 water bottles in less than 8 minutes. :)
  3. the animals
    so cool!!! next week i'm facing my fears- holding the squirmy ass ferret CLARA and the cockroaches. fuck! but this week was really good- i presented the snake, the turtle, and the hedgehog. it's good stuff. i like feeling like a cool animal dude
  4. the KIDDOS
    so sweeet! one advantage of being a JC is getting the perfect mix of each age group. i can hang out with the 3-4 y/o's for some silly and fun times, the 5-6's for some quality chill, and the 7-8's for (somewhat) meaningful conversation.
  5. my coworkers
    always make me feel so welcomed! provide me with the things i need, are very kind and considerate, help me with challenges and ALWAYS are on time (except for brit)
  6. brit
    my boss. he's late sometimes, but he's interesting and he has 3 praying mantis' and a baby tarantula on his desk. he also calls me an adult and its cool. being alone with him isnt weird and i dont get uncomfortable
  7. the CIT's
    i was once one of them!!! and now i'm in charge of them!! they invited me swimming after camp on friday and im not going but it warmed my heart for the offer
  8. the location
    favorite place on earth:-)