1. Tissues
    You're so soft and understanding. Whether it's clear or yellow...you've seen it all.
  2. Band-Aids
    You're so reliable. I'm stuck on you.
  3. Washing machine
    Spin me around. Dance with me all night. You have incredible moves. Where did you learn that dip and twist!?
  4. The windowsill
    You know me so well. You're the perfect size for my little butt.
  5. Apple TV
    Wow, you have so much to offer. You get along with my friends, the cable box, and I could really see this working out! Ever since you came out of the box, it's so nice that you're not making it a big deal that we live together.
  6. Dishwasher
    Clean and organized. You just...get me.
  7. The vitamins I never take
    There's so much I don't understand about you. What are those words written on your back? What's your background? You're so mysterious! But it's so good to know that you're just...there for me if I need you. <3
  8. French press
    I'm ready to say it...I love you.