I made a million lists and planned for months. These things I never even thought of and missed every day on our 4 day trip to an isolated lake house in upstate New York for Memorial Day weekend
  1. Socks
    Who knew 90 degree days could still have such cold nights? Don't trust the weather forecast
  2. Sweatshirt
    See "Socks"
  3. Lipstick
    A girl should always look good. Even if it's just for herself and her dog & husband
  4. Neosporin
    Bug bites. Lots of bug bites
  5. Salt
    Rental house only had pepper. What?!
  6. Another book
    Finished mine day 2 of 4. I underestimated the big margins. Book was "Euphoria" by Lily King. Lovely but short. Now what do I read for the next 2 days?
  7. A magazine
    See "Another book". All the magazines at the rental house are old and out of season. Christmas in May? No thanks
  8. My glasses
    Had a bad contacts day so walked around in a blur for a whole day. Drank wine to compensate
  9. Tea bags
    Cold mornings, too much coffee. Hot tea would have been nice, especially since I didn't have socks
  10. Margarita or Pina Colada fixings
    Wine was great but something else would have been nice on those hot days
  11. Razor and fingernail clippers
    Doh! Nails went from fine to too long overnight
  12. Qtips!