Ranking of Favorite Beer

  1. Two hearted
    Straight from Kalamazoo and I'm in heaven
  2. Hopslam
    Just be careful, people
  3. Devoir
    Best saison I've ever had. Wish Penrose had a wider distribution, to knock these imitators out
  4. Sidekick
    Originally started loving this for my "go-to" reminder of home. This is such a drinkable pale, that is also hoppy to my liking
  5. Ninja Vs. Unicorn
    I dream about this one 🙋🏼
  6. Rubaeus
    Reminds me of my best friend. Happy that this isn't seasonal anymore!
  7. Hey! Pumpkin
    75% pale, 25% pumpkin
  8. Invasion
    Need wider distribution of this ASAP