old profile pictures are a very touchy subject, so we might as well get right into it. i apologize in advance.
  1. while this isn't the greatest picture of me, i was making balloon hats for orphans in mexico, so i at least get "cool" points for that, right? also my shirt says blessed, bless.
  2. come on, we've all put a disney character as our profile picture before, right??? just me??
  3. not only is this unfocused and green-tinted, i'm also pointing at a minion doll. i'm ashamed.
  4. because why not make your fake mustache be a fake goatee instead?
  5. classy.
  6. a sideways picture of my sister. as my profile picture. cool.
  7. me and duffy! ❤️ (side note: i am not from/have ever been to canada in my life.)
  8. no comment.